Korona Guest House *** Restaurant

Address: 8380 Hévíz,
Széchenyi u. 43.

Address: 8380 Hévíz, Széchenyi u. 43.
Phone: +3683540180, +36203117055
GPS coordinates: 46.7895079578, 17.1811151505

The "Lake of vitality"

The world’s largest body of warm water which is also biologically active, the lake is formed over a peat bog. Water comes to the surface from a spring crater 38.5 meters (126 feet) deep. As a result of the abundant flow of the springs feeding the lake (at 410 liters or 108 US gallons per second) the water of the lake is completely replenished every 2 to 3 days. The chemical composition of the thermal water is slightly sulphurous and contains radon gas. In summer, its temperature ranges from 33 to 35oC (about 90 to 95oF), but even in winter it does not drop below 25oC (77oF), thus its healing properties are available year-round. The composition of the therapeutic waters and mud of the lake make them ideal for treating arthritic locomotor disorders and have also been used to successfully treat certain gynaecological problems.

While soaking and relaxing in the lake, you can also admire the beautiful Asian red water-lilies and their lighter coloured variations, as well as Egyptian blue and yellow varieties. The town offers many traditional spa services such as mud packs and massage as well as numerous physiotherapy and balneotherapy treatments, health and wellness activities, dental care and beautician services.

The "Lake of vitality"

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